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How We're Creating the Safest Dental Experience

 At Patchogue and Hampton Family Dental PC, we believe you and your family deserve the safest dental care possible. We have invested in setting up a triple system of coverage to best protect you and our staff, and to remain state of the art in infection control:


Hyper-Hepa Air Filtration

We installed Hyper-Hepa filters in the reception and administrative areas. These filters catch particles up to 100x smaller than ordinary Hepa systems found in other offices and 40x smaller than the COVID-19 virus, maximizing your protection!

High Powered, High Volume Suction

Once you make it into the treatment room you will notice a specialized device that hovers next to your mouth which sucks up the aerosols from the high speed hand piece that have escaped the high volume suction system in your mouth.  These aerosols go into a machine with specialized Hepa filters and UV sterilizers which destroy viruses.             


Negative Air Pressure Treatment Rooms

To maximize your safety during treatment we also created negative air pressure treatment rooms. This means any remaining aerosol contaminants suspended in the room which may have escaped the specialized high-powered suction device hovering near your mouth, are rapidly sucked out of the room. This also clears the room rapidly to prepare for the next patient!

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